Monday, May 10, 2010

10 Minute Challenge Update

I've been really consistent in keeping up with the 10-minute challenge. This is a pattern called "Water Nymph" that I must have started over ten years ago and had about 1/5 done. I kept trying to get the background darker and in so doing ended up felting the wool too much so it was very difficult to pull through the burlap. To top it off, I was using a #6 cut which is HUGE for me. I remembered that I had bought a Hartman hook back at Cape May so I dug that out and voila! It was much easier to do. Now that it's done, I kind of like this rug!


  1. Another beautiful rug Robin. I can definitely understand the Hartman helping with the thick shank pulling up the loops. And, fyi, a #6 is a narrow cut for me, tee hee.

    Saundra from slower, lower Delaware

  2. This is a newer LOVE the Water's one of my favorites!!! Happy hooking from Bea from Oregon! And see you soon!!!